Starting on Monday 7 October, we are joining together as global family in an International Rebellion as we grieve the suffering and destruction of our beautiful home world.

We will gather with our communities across cities, countries, and continents, to rise up and rebel for our deep love of life and the need to protect it.

Extinction Rebellion Denmark will team up with the other Nordic countries and together travel down to Germany. There we will join the German rebels and peacefully shut down Berlin.

A climate camp for all rebels to stay at will be organised, and everyone is welcome to stay there for the duration of the rebellion from the 5th of October. For more information, click here.

If you want to join us and would like to stay up to date with important information, fill out this form. Doing so will also help us plan and organise the rebellion more effectively.

In case you are considering putting yourself in an arrestable position and want to know more about your rights and Germany and the risks you will be taking, click here.

Make space in your calendar - take time off work or school and join us in this peaceful, creative and colorful rebellion!

Join the International Rebellion!