Join the rebellion!

We need you – whoever you are, however much time you have – to help build a powerful movement. Our vision of change involves mass participation. Together we’re unstoppable.

AS A Rebel

Join us on the streets! In order to become a mass movement we need as many people as possible willing to risk arrest. We realise however that being able to put yourself in an arrestable position is a privilege not everyone has.

Luckily there are plenty of roles that require dedicated people during actions which do not come with the risk of arrest. Our aim is to mobilize at least 3.5% of the population, and for that we need everyone, and everyone is welcome.

To join us as a rebel the first step is to attend one of our "Heading to Extinction and what to do about it" talks. You can also watch the talk online (in English). After the talk, the next step is attending one of our non-violent direct action (NVDA) trainings.

To learn when and where these events, as well as our other events and actions, are happening, subscribe to our newsletter using the form below. You can also find an overview of all our events in Denmark on our Facebook page.


If you want to take a more active role in XR Denmark and have a few hours a week to spare you are more than welcome to help us organise. There are always many tasks that need doing and too few hands to do them.

There is a wide variety of roles that need filling. Some require more of a time commitment than others and all require different skills. Everyone and everyone's skills are welcome and needed!

To start your journey as an active member of XR Denmark watch the recording of our "Heading for Extinction and what to do about it" (in English) or attend one of our public events where we give a similar presentation. To learn when and where these events are happening subscribe to our newsletter or check our Facebook page.

At these events there will always be representatives of XR present to answer all your questions and guide you in becoming a productive part of our movement.

In case you have watched the talk online and simply can't wait any longer to start doing something about our impending extinction, you can also sign up for our online platforms and get in touch with us right away!

We use several different platforms, most notably Discourse and Mattermost. Discourse is an online forum that we use for more slow and gradual collective knowledge sharing and building. Mattermost is an online chat service that we use for quick communication and organising. For a more detailed description of these tools and the difference between them please see our digital communication overview.

To join Discourse sign up here. We recommend new users to read the introduction posts in the "New to XR? Read this first" section on the homepage. To join Mattermost sign up here. After signing up we recommend you to join our welcome channel and ask any question you might have there.

Please be aware that a lot of our internal communication happens in English, especially online. But do not let that keep you from asking any questions you might have in Danish, there are plenty of Danish speaking people in our movement to help you out.

Thank you very much in the name of everyone alive now and all future generations for showing an interest in supporting Extinction Rebellion. We are going to need all the help we can get in the times ahead.