Extinction Rebellion Denmark’s statement on the spring rebellion and COVID-19

Extinction Rebellion is a global movement that was founded to protect life on our shared planet - both now and for future generations. We are in a very exceptional situation right now where we all need to prioritise our common health and be mindful of the most vulnerable in our society. We need to follow the health ministry’s recommendations to slow down the global pandemic. Extinction Rebellion will not organize large assemblies as long as they are not safe. Therefore it is also uncertain how the planned spring rebellion in Denmark from the 6th to the 10 of May will happen with COVID-19 potentially still being acute. We are already thinking about alternative actions for spring that will be safe and suitable for the new circumstances. We also work on an alternative plan to move the big spring rebellion to a later time in the year. Extinction Rebellion’s new plans are not finalized yet but we will inform you on this page in the future! So stay tuned!

Extinction Rebellion’s global climate protests continue and we encourage all rebels to continue to mobilize new people and make them become part of the rebellion. Once the safety conditions change, we will be ready. We are still of the opinion that there is a need for radical changes in society to counteract the climate and biodiversity situation that we are caught up in. And we still think that peaceful civil disobedience is a necessary method to get our politicians to implement the necessary measures to hit the brakes on the climate catastrophe. The current situation shows that radical societal changes are possible in a short time frame when we actually treat a crisis as a crisis. Even though this is a serious situation right now, this also gives us the opportunity to reflect on what type of society we want in the future.

With love and rage
Extinction Rebellion Denmark