In solidarity we stand with women that have experienced and still are abused and violated on a systemic level.

Climate justice is Social justice, for this reason Extinction Rebellion decided to take part to the International day for Afskaffelse af Vold mod Kvinder on November 25th. Danish society is not different than any other society and is failing to offer an equal chance to all its citizens. More than ever, there is a need to make the reality visible and to change the narratives on violence against women.

More about the event on the 25th here (text is in Danish, keep reading for english + info about the ARTivism workshop)

From the event on November 25th: Violence against women and minorities is an ever-increasing problem in Denmark, where more than 140,000 Danish women are exposed to violence every year. This only covers physical, sexual and psychological violence, but we take to the streets to focus on all forms of violence and on how discrimination such as sexism and racism are also forms of violence that must be taken just as seriously. We go in solidarity with each other, and for those who can not go with us today!

We walk with corona distance in a human chain from Christiansborg at 5 pm and walk together to Rådhuspladsen. Remember bandages and feel free to bring banners! We take to the streets with 3 demands on the government:

We demand early education in primary school with a focus on preventing violence

We demand a separate Ministry of Gender Equality

We demand visible and urgent help for all victims of violence


This series of workshops aims at raising awareness on social and ecological issues in a beautiful and compelling way! The concept is to have a workshop where we can all discuss and explore the topic and later work on an idea for an action to be executed shortly after. You don’t need to have any experience in activism or any particular art skills to be able to contribute in the co-creational process we have in mind for the day.

We invite you to join our artivism workshop aiming at creating a memorial that would raise awareness on the numerous acts of violence experienced by women still in 2020. The workshop will happen in 2 parts, both taking place in floating city the warehouse

Thursday 19th of November 18:00

We will invite different external organizers, to present the current situation in Denmark, and the numerous ways women face violence every day. Then we will brainstorm together and start our co-creational process.

Saturday 21th of November 12:00:

Construction of the memorial, we will have a brief recap of the first part, and keep the conversation going, focusing on the action and performance itself! Then we will build it together.


The march will be distanced and with masks The amount of people allowed in the workshop will be limited so please click on “participate” on the facebook event, so we can make sure no one will be left out . Please wear a mask

Everyone is welcome gender age religion whatever we love you all The workshop will include both english and danish speakers