Join the monthly XR DK Empathy Circle - Deltag i den månedlige XR DK Empaticirkel

Sunday, 07 March from 17:00 - 18:30

Link to Zoom:

—UPDATE— We will transform this month’s Empathy Circle into a debrief for the actions at Amager Fælled last week. The event can still be attended by people who weren’t there and want to practice active listening exercises like we usually do in our Empathy Circles.

Here’s an overview of how the meeting will go:

  • We’ll start with exercises of active listening in small groups. In this part, everyone can share their experiences from Amager or anything else they would like to talk about. It is completely fine to talk about whatever is on ones mind. Silence is also ok.
  • Then we will focus more on the past week of actions. There will be room to share stories, talk about what went well, what didn’t go well, what people have learnt and how people have felt. We will work in both the plenum and in small groups.

The meeting will not go longer than two hours and we’re planning to have a break:)