🤔How can we utilise our diversity and creativity in the movement?
🤔Why is it important to build solidarity with other social justice movements, and what are the benefits of doing so?

This event is a great chance to explore the deep roots of all kinds of oppression and feel the connections between various struggles in the world. Come watch this film and discuss with the director, Haru Lev, who is visiting Copenhagen!

The screening is free, but donations for the filmmaker will be appreciated 🙏

The event is co-organized with climate and nature justice movement Extinction Rebellion Denmark.

🌵Time - 2024 May 16 Thursday 16:30

(Café opens at 16:00, screening starts 16:30)

🌵Location - Husets Biograf (Rådhusstræde 13)

The event will be in English.

The venue is wheelchair accesible, we just need to know beforehand, so if you need an elevator please message Ida on 93980412.

Planet A(2022), 74min, English/Korean/Japanese with English subtitles.

🦋 Planet A is a metaphor for human arrogance, in which humans destroy nature and other beings, justify their behaviour as “development”, evaluate themselves as “grade A” and are flattered to be on top of Earth.

An experimental musical documentary project, presented as an omnibus of 15 music videos, was created with the goal of challenging the status quo and revealing the truth that lies behind what is happening on this “fantastic planet” right now, along with fighting against all discrimination within it.

🦋The original soundtrack compilation album was released in November 2020 by Korean based musicians who empathise with issues in this world such as climate change, massacres of animals, excessive capitalism, etc. This film has been screened at over 70 venues around the world including the 18th Jecheon International Music Film Festival(2022) in Korea, the 2nd World Vegan Film Festival Asia(2023) in Indonesia, and the 2nd Mostra Animal Film Festival(2023) in Brazil.

About Director

Haru Lev(he/him)

🦄 A professional vagabond, hitchhiker, and social misfit. He left home in 2014 with the idea that he would rather starve to death on the street than work for the rest of his life.

While wandering the world, he was shocked by the scale of the animal exploitation system that humanity collectively condones and the ecosystem destruction it causes. He has since focused his life to exposing the hidden truths of animal agriculture industry.

🦄 As the founder of the queer anarchy “artivist” collective for animal liberation PLAGAMI (@plasticagami), and a filmmaker, musician, rapper, writer and video archivist, he stayed in South Korea for three years in solidarity with various struggles before leaving in 2024 for the next chapter of his life.