This is an emergency!

Human activity is causing catastrophic climate change and irreversible biodiversity loss.

XR Scientists

We are a community of scientists from all disciplines working at universities all over Denmark. We take action because we recognise the central role researchers have in spreading awareness and understanding of the climate and ecological crises that are threatening the future of our only planet.

As part of Extinction Rebellion, we believe in the power of civil disobedience as a driver of transformative change. As a community, we also welcome all efforts to bring about change, whether that be at the level of your own department, university, or all of Denmark. We organise public events to educate citizens, empower activists, help policymakers, and connect to other researchers. We believe scientists have a responsibility not only to document the natural world, but also to protect it. We believe all academics can also be active citizens.

How to join Scientists for XR

Anyone who considers themselves a scientist can join our group, regardless of your discipline, your current employment, or what point in your career you are in. For the moment, we have a mailing list to keep each other in touch and hold weekly meetings. Meetings are every Thursday at 17:00 on Zoom.

Send an email to to be added to the mailing list or if you would like to attend a meeting. Don’t be afraid to reach out, even if you are not sure how much you can commit!

Another great way to get involved would be to join one of our upcoming workshops (see below)

Upcoming XR Scientist Events:

Workshop series: ‘The university at a time of climate and ecological emergency

From March to May, we will host a workshop series consisting of three events, primarily aimed at scientists, researchers and students. This series will consist of three interactive workshops aimed at giving participants concrete tools to bring about change in the Danish university setting. This work will feed into a more general push for a national agenda that prioritizes ecological and climate justice.

First workshop - March 18th at 12 PM: “Join us to create change”

Location: Online

Duration: 2 hours

The first workshop will serve to inspire new ideas about what a truly sustainable university might look like, how academics and scientists can begin to organize to facilitate this, and how members of the university could help promote change at a greater societal scale.




  • Welcome and short introduction to XR Scientists Denmark

  • Where is the university on the green agenda right now? Overview of developments in Denmark

  • Intro to workshop tracks


Workshops which will be held in parallel:

  • Creating local change: how to organize
  • Scientists as active citizens: pushing for systems change
  • Research funding policies